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Uplifting Community Leaders of Haitian Descent!

The goal and mission of FPM are to give women whose purpose is to empower, give back, and make a difference within their communities a chance to step into the spotlight for Recognition, Resources, Connection, Collaboration, and Funding. Fanm Potomitan believes that we should honor our women while they are alive and give them flowers so they can smell them. Many women are behind phenomenal work in their communities and like to remain behind the scenes. We want to bring these ladies to the forefront and recognize them. We want them to know we see, value, appreciate, and support them.


We are delighted to introduce you to an inspiring initiative spotlighting the remarkable women making a significant impact within their communities. Fanm PotoMitan (FPM), founded in 2020 by three visionary sisters—Bijoux Augustin-Abellard, Kathia JB Pierre, and Nerlande Prettie Augustin—celebrates strength, empowerment, and change.


The Haitian Creole term "Fanm PotoMitan" translates to "women pillars" or "strong women." It embodies the essence of the organization's mission: to uplift, recognize, and provide resources for women who are catalysts for positive change. FPM's goal is simple yet profound—to give these women the recognition, resources, connections, collaboration opportunities, and funding they deserve.


In a world that often waits until someone has passed to recognize their contributions, Fanm PotoMitan invites us to celebrate these women's achievements while they are well and alive. The initiative urges us to offer our support, appreciation, and admiration while they can still fully appreciate the impact they've made. Let us embrace this call to action and celebrate the women shaping our communities, uplifting lives, and leaving indelible legacies. Their stories of strength, resilience, and purpose serve as a wellspring of inspiration for us all.



We have featured dozens of women on our website and magazine doing positive and exemplary work within their communities. We hope bringing the dome of these women to light has inspired you and will continue to inspire you and yours. These women are true pillars; their stories testify to the potential for change when determination and compassion intersect.

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