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A Philanthropist in Cité Soleil

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

A Philanthropist in Cité Soleil

Written by: Bijoux Abellard

Interviewed by: Prettie-Lande Augustin, Catherina Davius & Bijoux Abellard

Photographed by @Bees.Focal

"consistency, creating & building trust is the key"

Kareen Ulysse is a Fanm Potomitan, born in Brooklyn, NY; raised in Drouillard Duviver, Cité Soleil, Haiti. Growing up, Kareen’s parents instilled in her the powerful value of hard work and humility. So today, she is putting her heart, soul, and the lessons her parents taught to make a difference.

After her father opened a hospital (Centre Hospitalier de Fontaine) in Cité Soleil, Kareen was deeply touched by the country's lack of affordable healthcare and education. It inspired her to fulfill her mission to bring education and affordable healthcare to Haitians globally through her foundation.

Although Haiti has many challenges, the hospital has expanded to include an operating room and a functioning laboratory after three decades. In addition, it has increased the number of patient beds available. Today, C.H.F Hospital and Foundation are involved in the fight against hunger through education and meal programs with partners.

Kareen believes that consistency, creating & building trust is the key to their 30 years of success not only with the staff and the patients but the community as well.
"Supporting schools and hospitals in low income communities is why Kareen Ulysse is a FANM POTOMITAN!"

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To contact Kareen for volunteering opportunities, reach out via email ( To donate via PayPal or Zelle, the email is

Venmo @CHFF509

Cashapp $CHFF509

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