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Girls can Move Mountains!

Girls Can Move Mountains

Written by: Bijoux Abellard

Dr. Vivens’ is passionate about life and inspiring women. At 75 years old, she believes Life is to be lived to the fullest, going full speed to make sure that she fulfills daily. Her mission is to motivate, inspire, and advise young women, especially women entrepreneurs, to find their voices while navigating through the mountains of life.

Dr. Solanges Vivens was born and raised in Port-Au-prince, Haiti, and is one of 13 children. She migrated to the United States on a two-month visa in the 1960s. Although Dr. Vivens faced many challenges, she did not allow the obstacles to hinder her from accomplishing her goals. Dr. Vivens had to move mountains of racism, sexism, age, and national discrimination.

Dr. Vivens is a well-versed, experienced, and educated woman. Before becoming a Registered Nurse, Dr. Vivens has held many other jobs, from a factory worker to a nanny. She fell in love with senior care while working as a nurse and noticing systemic problems within the field. She saw an opportunity to learn and impact the administrative side of the business and went for it.

After her BSN and MSN degrees, Dr. Solange Vivens was appointed Director of Nursing, later became an administrator. Eventually, she decided why not own a nursing home? So at 41, she embarked on the journey of opening two facilities and employing and empowering over 800 people. She recently added a new title to her already long list; she became an author.

She wrote “Girls Can Move Mountains: Re-writing The Rules of Female Entrepreneurship,” a book that supports and empowers women – and men – to know their worth. In her book, Dr. Vivens defines the 25 rules of life and business and hopes to inspire the next generation of female entrepreneurs.

The book received such high accolades that she launched a non-profit organization: Voice of Girls Can Move Mountains.

The sole purpose of this non-profit is to empower young women, strive, and inspire them to become a “Fanm Potomitan” (Pillar Women). Additionally, her goal is to visit and support as many women groups as possible nationally and internationally where she can speak with them and in the hope of encouraging them to be a better version of themselves.

Dr. Vivens lives her life like a turtle; the turtle moves slowly but always reaches its destinations. But, she states, turtles cannot move forward by staying in their shells; they must stick their necks out. All her life, she’s done just that, sticking her neck out. She also believes that “Happiness is free. You don’t need it from anyone”.

Girls Can Move Mountains!

She’s moved mountains; she is moving mountains and will move mountains.

Because she is a motivator, an inspirator, and an advisor for young women, especially entrepreneurs, in helping them find their voices while navigating through the mountains of life is the reason why Dr. Solanges Vivens is a Fanm Potomitan.

Watch the interview HERE.

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