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Home Again: Paying it Forward

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Home Again: Paying it Forward

Written by: Nerlande P. Augustin

Photographed by: KP Productions Photography

“As an unordinary orphan, I feel a deep-rooted desire and a sense of purpose to serve the orphans and the elderly and bring joy to their lives.” - Nicodhia Laplante

Haitian by birth and upbringing, Nicodhia Laplante migrated to the United States more than 21 years ago. In 2010, she established Home Again Ministries and Orphanage, with a primary focus on serving and supporting orphans and the Miragoane community in Haiti. The organization comprises four sectors: an orphanage, a ministry, a vocational school, and a clinic. Currently in the construction phase, Home Again Ministries and Orphanage currently houses six orphans and two elderly individuals.

The organization aspires to expand its impact by accommodating around 60 children, providing free community classes through the vocational school, and offering medical services to enhance the well-being of the elderly. Ms. Laplante emphasizes the importance of keeping the elderly in their familiar environment, ensuring services are readily available to them. In the long term, the orphanage aims to meet the daily needs of children and provide them with opportunities for higher education through scholarships, enabling them to contribute to their community.

Despite facing challenges in Haiti, including issues of loyalty, mistrust, and insecurity, Ms. Laplante remains dedicated to her mission. She laments the difficulty in shipping essential supplies to Miragoane due to the country's insecure state, leading her to sometimes deny donated medical equipment and medication to avoid jeopardizing lives.

Motivated by her own upbringing as an orphan with a supportive family, Ms. Laplante sees her work as a calling from God. Her life's purpose revolves around helping others and bringing joy to their lives. She encourages aspiring philanthropists to act from the heart and support Haiti genuinely, emphasizing the need for authentic commitment to the country's growth.

Ms. Laplante, a persistent and determined individual, asserts that she knows her worth, sets clear goals, and successfully achieves them without letting time be an obstacle. With her unwavering determination, there is confidence that she will realize every goal set for Home Again Ministries and Orphanage.

In embodying qualities of wisdom, humility, courage, and tenacity in pursuing her dreams and taking legitimate risks, Nicodhia Laplante is truly a Fanm Potomitan.

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