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The Fight Against Violence

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

“The fight against violence is more than an obligation; it is up to us.”

-Marie Isnise Romelus

Everyone has beliefs that define, guide, and motivate them; for Marie Isnise Romelus, fighting against violence is her drive and passion. She is a social worker, a human rights educator, a law student, and a committed feminist. Ms. Romelus was born in Les Cayes in the south of Haiti. She grew up in a violent environment, which is instrumental to her dedication and commitment to fighting against violence today.

Ms. Romelus founded a nonprofit organization, Asosyasyon Zabèt Makandal Pou yon Lòt Sosyete (AZAMA), in July 2018 in Jacmel. The organization's mission is to support the community through training, raising awareness, and organizing healthy debates to help create a non-violent society. Ms. Romelus believes everyone should have equal rights, and through AZAMA, she contributes to the cause.

Ms. Romelus believes in working collectively to fight against violence for a better society and its people. “It's the best thing to be involved in, saving lives.” She encourages others and also thinks the work is everyone's responsibility. “The fight is not for women; it is for the people. We must fight against violence to have a well-balanced society where everyone lives happily without fear.”

Ms. Romelus is aware of the reality and challenges that feminists face in society. Yet, she chooses to involve herself in the struggle against violence, as the difficulties still weigh heavily in a patriarchal society. “We must have the courage and determination to continue this fight and raise awareness against violence.” Despite all the labels attached to feminism, Ms. Romelus considers this work a way of life; she wants to be an example for her sons, to show them the importance of fighting and standing up for what is right.

Don't train girls, don't train boys, train people. This is how we will build the society we are fighting for.”

Ms. Romelus draws inspiration from her children and her family; though there may be some challenges, they motivate her to keep pushing and fighting for a balanced society. “The difficulties we face are challenges and lessons we must learn to move forward. So, I permit myself to help build a better society.”

Her passion for fighting against violence, devotion to building a pacific society, and engagement to equal rights for all are why Marie Isnise Romelus is a FANM POTOMITAN!

Written by: FPM Team

Photographed by: Jean-Marie Raymond

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