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The Voice of Women (La Voix des Femmes)

Photographed by: Kylan Piper

“When you have a dream, don’t expect everyone to be part of your dream because your calling is not for everyone; just remain focused.”

Roselaure Charles

Roselaure Charles was born in Thiotte and raised in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. Upon completing her formal studies at Artiste Institute, she was awarded a scholarship to study in the United States, earning a degree in Art Communications specializing in Digital Cinematography. While in college, Ms. Charles distinctively noticed being the only Black female in most of her classes. After graduating, she returned to Haiti, recognizing women's absence in Cinematography. Ms. Charles decided to bridge that gap by creating an outlet and support system for other women.

On January 22nd, 2017, Ms. Charles founded La Voix Des Femmes (The Voice of Women), a non-profit organization in Jacmel, Haiti, whose mission is to “amplify the voice of women in Art and Technology.” La Voix Des Femmes focuses on supporting and educating women in technology, photography, cinema, and personal development.

La Voix Des Femmes organized Soirée Film Des Femmes Ayiti, In November 2021, the first film festival, focusing on and highlighting women in the industry and creating a networking environment. “We don’t know it all; we all need each other,” says Ms. Charles. Currently, the organization is expanding into its next phase by creating a chapter in the United States, making it an international organization. La Voix Des Femmes is also organizing the next Soirée Film des Femmes to take place in Cap-Haitien, Haiti.

Although Ms. Charles faces many challenges, she finds purpose in knowing that when you have a burning dream within you, you cannot let it die. She also believes that giving up is not an option and advises others to find ways to get creative and bring their dreams to fruition. “I did not choose La Voix Des Femmes, but it chose me. Sometimes, I get discouraged and want to give up, but to do so would mean giving up on myself and those La Voix Des Femmes is supposed to motivate and support”.

Ms. Charles understood the importance of giving back; though she was comfortable in her career and living in Haiti, she sensed something was missing and felt compelled to make a difference within her community. “The legacy I leave behind is important to me.” Ms. Charles loves change, and she is aware that one person alone cannot change the world or Haiti but believes the small part each of us can do will make a significant impact. "The little light shines on one's path today; tomorrow will light another’s."

Roselaure Charles’ passion for educating and supporting women within the film industry and technology and her desire to make an impactful change globally is why she is a FanmPotomitan.

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Watch Ms. Charle's video interview here: Roselaure Video Interview

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