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A Backpack Project!

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

A Backpack Project!

"Whenever I have an idea, I want to make it come true," - Catherina Davius

Written by: Bijoux Abellard

Interviewed by: Prettie Augustin, Kathia Pierre & Bijoux Abellard

Catherina Davius is the founder of "A Backpack Project," which helps the less fortunate students in Haiti. Catherina perceives herself as a student of life, as she always finds a lesson in everything. Catherina holds two bachelor's and a master's degrees. In addition, she is a mother, a student, and a healthcare professional.

According to Catherina, throughout her journey, she had many paved the way for her. She wanted to pay it forward by helping others in need, especially those in Haiti. She felt it was her duty as a Haitian woman to contribute to the growth and betterment of the country by supporting the education of the next generation.

Catherina's backpack project started in 2018 as a Nursing student at the New York Institute of Technology(NYT). As President of the Nursing class, she had many opportunities to attend global conferences and competitions. As a result, Catherina was introduced and applied for a scholarship worth $20,000 to support the Project. Although she did not receive the scholarship, she obtained other smaller scholarships to support the Project. Along with the scholarships, Catherina used her passion for remaining motivated and raised additional funds through Gofundme and supporters like her Dean, Professors, and others.

"Whenever I have an idea, I want to make it come true," she says.

Catherina was able to collect and fill 2000 backpacks with school supplies. She hand-picked the schools and churches that she donated the backpacks; She wanted the people who invested in the Project to know and see exactly where their contributions went. "I had to make sure that the investment was going in the right place."

Catherina works on the Project with her young daughter and calls it a blessing. She wants to instill the value of love, kindness, gratitude, and generosity in her. In addition, she wants her to experience the joy of giving back to others and her community. The experience, in return, has taught Catherina to be more humble and grateful.

If you would like to support this Project, contact Catherina on her social media accounts. Catherina is interested in sponsors and is open to collaboration to grow the Project." if we are going to help others, I'm willing to collaborate with anyone," she says, "I'm open to whatever, as long as it's something positive, and something that is going to help."

We thank Catherina for her passion and dedication to this Project.

This is why Catherina Davius is a FANM POTOMITAN!

Catherina Davius-Fanm Potomitan


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