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The Farah Delance Foundation

“I want to be a source of inspiration for all children, especially orphaned girls.”

Farah Delance-Linot

Farah Delance-Linot founded the Farah Delance Foundation in March 2021, which provides a range of therapeutic, social, and empowerment activities to the Haitian community in New York City. The foundation is also a women's initiative that brings hope to girls and promotes cultural & global development. Their mission is to help women emancipate and assists victims of sex and child trafficking, violence, rape, and social pressure and create a safe space where they may find refuge and support. Additionally, the Farah Delance Foundation assists girls in going to school and provides help to women immigrants who may need resources.

The Farah Delance Foundation brings awareness to Haitian culture by organizing online festivals and representing Haiti in the annual West Indian Day Parade in Brooklyn, NY. Raised in Léogâne, Haiti, Ms. Delance-Linot is a proud supporter of Rara, a popular genre of Haitian music. Bringing Rara to Panama is one of her fondest memories. "Our history is so beautiful; it's important to focus and know your history and culture and share the beauty of it," says Ms. Delance-Linot. The foundation takes pride in being part of anything that promotes development.

The foundation does not only work in New York City; they also sponsor young girls in their educational journey in Malawi. They host an annual activity called the Worldwide Women's Empowerment Coalition symposium, where the foundation has the support and collaboration of many other organizations that aid in achieving these events' goals.

Ms. Delance-Linot always shows the positive person and fighting woman that she is in everything she does. Ms. Delance-Linot lost her mother at a young age; her godmother raised and instilled in her the importance of giving back. Loving and helping people is Ms. Delance-Linot ’s passion. “Any good deed done is never a waste,” she declares. She wants the foundation to remain a legacy for the next generation.

Things were not always easy for Ms. Delance-Linot; being an orphan forced her to understand life's challenges early on. “I want to be a source of inspiration for all children, especially orphaned girls.” Although Ms. Delance-Linot encounters difficult times in her journey; still, she aspires to be a beaming light to the younger generation through her life story and wants to be the motivation these young people need. “Focus on your dream if you believe it; it will come true; use the impossible as a simple word, not a strategy; surround yourself with positive people and believe in God.”

“Life is a big challenge, it's true, but a beautiful fight, courage, and determination are what we all need."

For creating a safe space for victims, being the voice of hope, staying positive in the face of adversities, and promoting Haitian culture are why Farah Delance-Linot is a Fanm Potomitan!

Watch the video interview here

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