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A Ministry of Service

Updated: May 1, 2023

It is a blessing to be a blessing, and I wouldn’t be able to do this work alone.Ima Petion

Ima Petion is a proud Haitian woman who understands her gifts, strengths, talents, and weaknesses. She utilizes these traits together for the betterment of her community and to fulfill her God-given purpose on this earth. Ms. Petion is an author, philanthropist, foster mom, minister, and mental health therapist.

Ima Petion founded All Giving Tree Ministries, a non-profit whose mission is to change the world through tangible acts of kindness. The organization provides families with a helping hand by providing clothing, shoes, furniture, and the essentials of daily living.

Although faced with many challenges, Ima finds this venture a humbling experience. As a result, she dedicates much of her time and energy to the organization, serving her community, mentoring adolescents and the youth.

Ima finds motivation through the gratitude of those she helps and supports. Ima leaves the readers with this. “It is a blessing to be a blessing, and I wouldn’t be able to do this work alone. I am thankful for my team and family’s constant prayers and encouragement. They are branches on my tree.

Her ministry, devotion to her community, and passion for making the world a better place are why Ima Petion is a Fanm Potomitan.

Photographed by: James •

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1 commentaire

YaYa Lekol Lakay
YaYa Lekol Lakay
28 avr. 2023

Great Work Ima!

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