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Updated: Sep 24, 2022

"We cannot be forced to feel guilty for something that happened to us."

Sabrina Valbrun

Sabrina Valbrun migrated to the United States from Haiti at nine. A mother, wife, and business owner, she has been working in construction as the co-owner of C.E.R.T Restoration LLC delivering both residential and commercial restorative services such as water extraction, mold remediation, and more for the last seven years. However, her true passion is helping and supporting those who are sexually abused and giving back to her home country, Haiti.

Ms. Valbrun is the founder of The Unspoken Belle Foundation, a non-profit founded five years ago. The foundation focuses on providing sexually abused women with an open and judgment-free zone to talk about their experiences, help them heal, connect, and provide resources to continue their healing journey. As a victim of abuse, Ms. Valbrun understands the need and wants to create a safe space for women to speak freely and seek help.

Ms. Valbrun discovered that many women and girls had experienced sexual abuse, but it's still a taboo in some communities. So Ms. Valbrun and her team visit foster homes in her current hometown, where they talk to young adults, provide them with feminine products and facilitate round table discussions about what's on their minds. "Even though we are the victims, it seems we are not allowed to talk about our traumas.

When a child or a young adult shares their story with you, you must be mindful of how to proceed with the information shared. We can make the situation worse; remember, most of them remain in the home until a thorough investigation is completed, and things are not always better for those who are taken away to foster homes." Once a victim confides with a member of The Unspoken Belle Foundation, he or she is given the option to choose how to proceed with the situation to ensure comprehension of the potential outcome.

The Unspoken Belle Foundation supports approximately one hundred (100) children in Cape Haitian, Haiti. The Foundation funds these children's school tuition, uniforms, and school supplies through funds from their yearly Gala. In addition, Ms. Valbrun plans to open a technical school where these children can learn a skill to sustain themselves.

The Unspoken Belle Foundation has changed Ms. Valbrun; she is now more comfortable speaking in front of a crowd and sharing her experiences" Through sharing stories, Ms. Valbrun learned that other family members have also experienced abuse and realized she is not the only victim." "I encourage women to speak on their experiences, which many of us don't, "and when we bring these feelings and emotions to our relationships and marriages, they can be destructive if not discussed."

Ms. Valbrun also runs a networking group called Building Us Network, where she promotes Black-owned businesses and organizes networking events to help educate the community about first-time home buying programs.

Being an advocate for sexual abuse, providing a safe place for these victims, and curating programs for the advancement of her community are why Sabrina Valbrun is a FANM POTOMITAN!

Photographed by: Kylan Piper

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