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Espwa Demen!(Hope For Tomorrow)

Espwa Demen!

(Hope For Tomorrow)

Written by:

Interviewed by:

Bijoux Augustin, Kathia JB Pierre & Nerlande P. Augustin

Photographed by: SnapRobePhotography

Karm-Syndia Augustin is a Haitian Filmmaker, entrepreneur, dance teacher, and lover of the Arts. “I enjoy anything that has to do with art,” said Ms. Augustin. She is the Founder of Espwa Demen, a non-profit organization whose mission is to “create a path for a better tomorrow.” The organization focuses on helping the children of a small town in the southside of Haiti to a greater, better, and brighter future. Karm-Syndia believes children are the future of Haiti; supporting and providing a better childhood empowers them to become honorable citizens.

Espwa Demen, a nonprofit while still in its infancy stage, has impacted the lives of children in Haiti for the past two years. Espwa Demen offers the children an avenue to create a better tomorrow by removing roadblocks and exposing them to better opportunities, outside resources, and career paths. The entity coordinates and plans different programs such as summer camps to foster growth and provide a sense of normalcy to Sudre, Haiti(a small town in the south). The pandemic and instability in Haiti have negatively impacted the children's education, development, and much more. “Giving the children normalcy is important,” says Karm-Syndia. They also host an annual Christmas party to celebrate the children at the end of the year.

Karm-Syndia's love for Haiti and the people of Haiti keeps her going despite many obstacles.

_“The help is there, but It can't get where it needs to go. So we have to work ten(10) times harder to make a small tiny difference"_

The organization's goal is to elevate the children of Haiti by providing the required tools to be self-sufficient and self-assured adults. Karm-Syndia believes working with the children is key to building a better Haiti.

_"Starting at the root, there’s more possibility of changing their mentality, shaping and building them into leaders and self-sufficient adults"._

– “Only one person can change Haiti, and it's US Haitians.” “nou gen san Dessaline nan kap bouyi nan venn nou”

Karm-Syndia also shows her love & support for Haiti and the Haitian culture through the Art of dance. She owns two(2) dance studios in Massachusetts, Karm-Syndia Dance Studios (KS dance studios), and gives back to her community through dance. Her studios include both Haitian music and folklore in their choreography. Additionally, she aspires to revive the Haitian National Ballet.

Karm-Syndia has some great projects in the works. Look out for her movie coming out soon – A heart on demand – a film focusing on showcasing Haitians in a different and more positive light.

Ms. Karm-Syndia left us with these words:

—"First, know yourself; no one can take that away from you when you know who you are.

Second, believe in yourself, and you will be surprised at how much you can accomplish.

Third, love others, and if you love others, you will learn how to accept and forgive them."—

Karm-Syndia's love for Haiti, her passion, and her dedication to the growth of the children of Haiti and the Haitian culture are what make her a Fanm PotoMitan.

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