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A Purpose-Driven Judge

A Purpose-Driven Judge

Written by: Kency Desmangles, Kathia S. Pierre, Lande Prettie Augustin & Bijoux Abellard

Photographed by: RandolphFoto

The Honorable Dweynie Esther Paul is currently a Judge in Kings County Civil Court of Brooklyn, NY. She was born to Haitian parents and raised in Queens, New York. Judge Dweynie Esther Paul described herself as a loving, God-fearing, kind, and generous person who believes in a purpose-driven life. She finds fulfillment in giving back and helping others.

She is an active member of the Haitian American Lawyers Association of New York (HALANY). A non-profit professional organization that aspires to build a meaningful connection with the people in the community by addressing their interests and needs.

Judge Paul knew she wanted to become a judge early on in life. She learned the importance of a judge who understands their community, especially one who can impact people’s lives during their most vulnerable state.

In 2015, she became the first person of Haitian-American descent to be elected Civil Court Judge in the state of New York. She presided in Family Court over custody, visitation, domestic violence, adoptions, guardianship, and child support objections. This led her to a seat on the Advisory Committee on the Judiciary as she strived to improve Family Court statewide.

Judge Paul is currently running for a seat in the Surrogate’s Court in Brooklyn. The role of the Surrogate's Court is to ensure the rightful transfers of assets and inheritance from one generation to the next. She desires to honor the wishes of the deceased and to preserve their generational wealth.

Now more than ever, the Surrogate’s Court matters! In this era of reform, Brooklyn deserves a Surrogate with compassion, integrity, and fairness!

Do not discount your life’s experience! Take inventory, whether it be good or bad, because it might lead you to your purpose. Go for it! Even if it is the thing that scares you the most. You’ll be surprised by what you’re capable of.

Throughout her journey, she has faced multiple challenges but has broken many glass ceilings. Some of the obstacles faced include, but not limited to discrimination due to her ethnicity, gender, and age. Judge Paul understood mediocrity was not an option. She had to work harder and be better to prove herself.

Her passion to serve and drive to advocate for the most vulnerable in the courtroom and beyond is why Judge Dweynie Esther Paul is a Fanm Potomitan.

Special Announcement:

Judge Dweynie Esther Paul is officially on the ballot for Brooklyn’s Surrogate Court Judge. If you live in the Brooklyn area; On June 22nd, 2021, go out and vote for the next elected official position!

Dweynie Esther Paul For Surrogate 2021

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