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Building, Developing, & Creating Community Wealth

“Being humble despite your title to me is the meaning of a Fanm PotoMitan.” - Marie-Flore Lindor-Latortue, Ph.D.

Dr. Marie-Flore Lindor-Latortue is the President of the Association for Exchange, Development, Activities, and Partnership(AEDAP), originally known as the “Association et Encadrement Pour Le Developpement de L'arrière Pays” (Association of Exchange for Development of the rural sector of Haiti). The organization was founded in February 1982 by her father, who later passed the baton to Dr. Flore. Their vision is to create a better environment through several development programs for the less fortunate. “This is a cause dear to my heart for which I have taken a leadership role for the past 16 years. It is mainly a movement since those five letters constitute a hand; A-association, E-exchange, D-development, A- activities P-partnership. When you put the first four fingers together of the letters, it gives you partnership.” Says Dr. Flore.

AEDAP offers youth leadership programs and mentorship for ages five (5) to 18 to help them discover themselves, speak out, and become leaders and volunteers. The organization also focuses on the well-being of seniors, providing wellness support and self-esteem building. AEDAP also has a champion project focusing on women in the rural sector of Haiti. Help is offered to the women in those areas with agriculture & encourages the art of dancing amongst the young women.

The country politically is dealing with so much unrest and crisis nowadays. To balance being an NGO in Haiti, the amount of money needed and proving legality to remain active. There needs to be more representation. AEDAP has a unique platform where Haitians come together to promote a community calendar. This concept of having a community calendar is critical because it helps to generate wealth, communicate successfully(effectively) and create events with mutual respect and support. “For example, if there are five events in one night, each is $100. What is the purpose of that celebration? Is it worth it for me to spend $500 in one night without identifying the purpose? It is time to stop talking and put words into practice, which will allow Haiti to transform in perspectives of political, spiritual, and so forth.

Dr. Flore finds inspiration from her village, the group of women that surrounds and continues to be a source of motivation for her. A woman like State Representative Marie Woodson, who she considers a true sister-friend, and many others “It is through finding women and their simplicity that are making changes in Haiti; young women like Angie Bell, and Sandy Dorsaintvil; on the other hand, her mother Marlene Lindor, women like Ganine Avin, Michelin Ducenat made me who I am today. I am comparing and contrasting these women who continue to inspire me”. Dr. Flore salutes all women standing up willing to make small changes and get them small wins.

Dr. Flore was born and raised in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti; later, she migrated to the United States. She is a professor, author, radio DJ, TV host, leader, and humanitarian. Dr. Flore wears multiple hats without interference; above all, she is passionate about building partnerships to help create wealth. She has also published her biography: Gade Tèt Ou. It covers 23 ways that you can look at yourself. All stages of life include growth, infantry to adolescents, leaving parents' home, adulthood, being involved in a relationship, being single, being married, going through grief, and losing loved ones.

Dr. Flore leaves the reader with this: “Take some time and reflect on yourself”; live life, be real and remain authentic.”

Her drive to create wealth for the community, passion for building partnerships, and eagerness to mentor others are why Dr. Marie-Flore Lindor-Latortue is a Fanm Potomitan!

Gade Tèt Ou is available on AMAZON.

Watch the video interview here

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