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Education, Emancipation, & Equality - A Better Haiti

“Women's rights are human rights. Without women, we will not achieve sustainable development. Today, we must promote an egalitarian society”. - Mutchi Obas

Marie Kistcha Mutchi Obas is a psychologist, jurist, entrepreneur, and activist. She was born and raised in the northern part of Haiti. Ms. Obas grew up in a household where her parents were passionately involved in their community; she wanted to continue their legacy. Today, Ms. Obas leads two (2) organizations: Fondasyon Mutchi Obas and Zantray Fanm Kreyòl (ZAFAK).

Ms. Obas believes every child has the right to receive a proper education. This ideology led her to establish Fondasyon Mutchi Obas in 2010, formerly known as Lakou Timoun. The mission of Fondasyon Mutchi Obas is to assist in funding schools for children and conduct workshops for parents and teachers to build a stronger educational system. The organization also provides training on school safety, crafts, literacy, and workshops for children, with the help and support of local authorities and the people in the community. They work in different outlying and remote areas of the country, such as Saint Raphael, Limbe, Borgne, Port Margo, and Pilate. The foundation aims to educate and form a more competent future generation for a better Haiti.

“Women need to manage their sexual health, yet women here in Haiti often fear seeing a gynecologist because of repercussions; additionally, care is not easily accessible. One of the biggest problems women in Haiti face is that Haitian laws impose abortion penalties. That is one of the main reasons Zantray Fanm Kreyòl (ZAFAK) is fighting for women's rights to sexual and reproductive health.”

Zantray Fanm Kreyòl is another organization founded by Ms. Obas on April 6, 2020. Their goal is to support women to become emancipated. The organization also curates campaigns on women's rights and fosters political leadership programs, encouraging women to integrate into the development of Haiti. It also promotes cultural identity, provides psychological assistance to abused women, and encourages women's autonomy. Ms. Obas believes “Women's rights are human rights; if we do not have an egalitarian society based on social justice and democracy, then we cannot talk about sustainable development.” Ms. Obas is motivated to continue her fight for women's rights to be valued and respected in Haiti. “These women must be saved. We are warriors, and we will not stop fighting.”

Marie Kistcha Mutchi Obas' dedication to the children of Haiti for better education, her fight for all Haitian women to be included and integrated into an egalitarian society, and for women's rights to be respected are why she is a Fanm Potomitan!

Written by Kathia JB-Pierre

Photographed by: Ketlain Difficile

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