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Free Flow the Movement!

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Free Flow the movement!

Written by: Bijoux Abellard, Cathia Pierre, & Prettie Augustin,

Interviewed by: Cathia Pierre, Prettie Augustin, Catherina Davius & Bijoux Abellard

Photographed by @sam.arcot

Four Fanm Potomitan had the brilliant idea to embark on this journey, and together they formed Free Flow the Movement. Their vision is to create an environment for healthy menstrual hygiene management. Their focus is to educate society on the implications of poor menstrual hygiene and its effects on women and girls around the world. They also aim to advocate on behalf of women & girls through the program to eradicate the stigma and taboo attached to the menstrual cycle.

In this segment of Fanm Potomitan, you will meet one of these ladies: Anye Biamby.

Ms. Biamby migrated to the United States from Haiti. She became involved in the community by volunteering which inspired her & her friends to take it further. While volunteering, they discovered the many challenges women and girls faced regarding their menstrual cycle through conversations and interactions. It became evident that promoting menstrual hygiene management would be a sanitation matter and an important step towards safeguarding the dignity, bodily integrity, and overall life of women and girls.

Free Flow The Movement is a non-profit organization funded through donations. Initially, these funds & donations were raised through outreach efforts. Despite challenges faced along the way, such as shipping, legal fees, and the Covid-19 Pandemic, donations tripled in 2020, allowing the movement to expand its distribution territory locally and internationally. Among these territories are Haiti, Panama, Ghana, and Zimbabwe. Anye attributes the success of Free Flow the Movement to a strong support system and her mantra of

“Never give up because success is right around the corner.”

Facilitating access to feminine products and providing menstrual education to women and girls is why Anye Biamby is a Fanm Potomitan.


Free Flow is a non-profit, which relies solely on donations.

You can donate in different ways:

Arrange a pick-up

Please drop off donations at any of our Donation Drop Off events.

Send a monetary donation via PayPal

You can mail in donations at any time!

P.O. Box 988

7726 Gunston Plaza

Lorton, Va 22079.

Watch Anye's video interview here!

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