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Maintaining healthy relationships & financial literacy!

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Maintaining healthy relationships & financial literacy!

Written by: Kency Desmangles, Bijoux A., Kathia P., Lande A.

Photographed by: AF ProMedia

Patricia Belfort speaks softly, but her words are powerful beyond measure!

Patricia Belfort was born in Haiti but raised in the United States. She describes herself as an open book and a storyteller. She is passionate about healthy relationships and maintaining individuality. Patricia is determined to change the narrative on what constitutes a healthy, financially stable relationship and marriage.

A single mother raised Belfort; she admits her curiosity about maintaining a healthy marriage grew from watching her mother struggle in relationships. Her goal is to educate young adults on building long-lasting relationships and financial security. Much of her work focuses on personal experiences with an emphasis on communication skills and financial literacy. She believes, "there is a need in the community for transparent conversations about relationships, marriages and everything that comes with it, including financial management, communication, and mindset framing."

On her platforms, she shares lessons learned from her first year of marriage. By sharing her experience and being vulnerable, she hopes to make others feel supported. Patricia understands unions differ depending on one's culture and expectations.

In her experience, she believes feeling safe mentally and emotionally is a crucial component of a good marriage. However, she also states: "It is equally important to develop a mutual vision for your future, to compromise, and to work together." Her ultimate goal is to have more online support groups and retreats to reach a broader audience.

After all, "Marriage is friendship, don't take it too seriously and just enjoy the journey," said Patricia.

For teaching young women and couples about financial management, and being a voice on how to build healthy relationships and marriage, is why Patricia Belfort is a Fanm Potomitan!

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