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Serving her community!

Serving her community!

Interviewed by: Kathia JB Pierre, N.Prettie Augustin, Catherina Davius

Written by: Bijoux Augustin-Abellard, Kathia JB Pierre, N.Prettie Augustin & Kency Desmangles

Photographed by: Ali P. Rehan

Lady Naika Charles D’Haiti is truly a force to be reckoned with. Naika has been giving back to her hometown community in Camp Perrin, Haiti since 2008.

Naika was born and raised in Camp Perrin, Haiti, but she’s been living in the United States for the past thirty years. She described herself as a career woman; a nurturer and nature lover; a community leader and mentor; a philanthropist and visionary-solutionist. But most of all, she said, she is a humanitarian at heart.

Today Naika is the Founder and CEO, and the driving force behind Project St. Anne. What started with serving food to her brothers and sisters who were less fortunate to feel good for one day, grew in 2011. She went into tackling one of the most important issues facing Haiti: lack of education. Naika believes that the key to getting Haiti to where it needs to be is through education. She said, “Education is what Haiti and the world need. To regain its rightful place as La Perle des Antilles is for its people to be educated.”

The mission of Project St. Anne is to enrich the community through social endeavors by providing Educational, Nutritional, and Financial support. The core value and focus of the organization is education. Currently, the organization is in its next phase of breaking down the barrier to providing the educational support her people need to better themselves. They are in the process of building their very own campus in Camp Perrin. They have designated leaders in Camp Perrin to research, recruit and identify areas where families and children in need of support the most could benefit from their sponsorship program. The sponsorship program started with eight children and now has grown into sponsoring two-hundred and thirty-three students. Their goal is to create something sustainable that not only helps those in need but also helps the community grow economically in the long term.

Naika believes in lifting the future generation, by creating a safe place where disadvantaged children can learn, eat and grow. She strongly believes in embracing her inner self, and in giving back, and "Being Present" in the moment. Her motto is: think positive and be thankful for being.

Serving her community and paving the way to a better future for her community is why Naika Charles D’haiti is a Fanm Potomitan!

To get involved please reach out directly to Ms. Naika via email: Or if you would like to donate, visit their website at

You can also reach out to her on her Instagram: @naikacd

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