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Travay pou Ayiti! (Working for Haiti)

Travay pou Ayiti! (Working for Haiti)

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Kathia JB Pierre & Nerlande P. Augustin

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Edesthele(Stella) Decius is a Haitian born and raised. After migrating to the United States at a very young age, she knew she wanted to return to her home country to give back to the people.

Stella always had it in her heart to support and give back to the people of Haiti but did not know how until her years in undergrad/graduate school(studies). Then, an opportunity to travel to Haiti on a mission trip to shadow doctors opened her eyes and provided much clarity about what she could do to make a difference. Stella witnessed shortages of necessities like clothes, hygiene, and commodities during her many trips. During that eye-opening trip, she had her AH-HA moment on assisting the people.

Although Stella knew that she was not where she wanted to be in her life then, She felt incomplete; and wanted to do more to give back to the community, especially Haitians in Haiti. So, she developed a plan to launch a project to help bring these desires to fruition. Travay Pou Ayiti was born.

Founded in 2018 and based in Florida, Travay Pou Ayiti is a non-profit organization that supports those in need in both Haiti and the United States. Travay Pou Ayiti was initially supposed to be a one-time effort, but Stella found her passion while working on the project with her board members. She fell in love with the work and its impacts; she decided to turn Travay Pou Ayiti into a Non-Profit. The organization collects goods such as clothes, shoes, hygiene products, and canned goods ultimately distributed to local orphanages and schools alike for those in need.

"When you have a dream, you have to fulfill that dream to feel alive. So it doesn’t matter what obstacles come your way; you have to focus on that dream."

- Edesthele Decius.

Stella's mission is to grow the organization and eventually sponsor more orphanages. Unfortunately, the last two years have been challenging due to the Covid-19 pandemic and Haiti's multiple challenges. Still, Stella is not allowing that to deter her from her passion for helping the country progress and provide help to the people.

“It has been a journey, we’re going to push forward. It’s hard right now, it’s going to get better”. The philanthropist stated.

Edesthele “Stella” Decius’s commitment, love, passion for working for Haiti and supporting those in need are what make her a FanmPotomitan.

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